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Leanne - Lifestyle Coach

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Leanne - Lifestyle Coach

Hey fellow travellers! I’m Leanne and I’m a mind-body connection coach.
For 15 years I worked in the fitness industry and it didn’t take me long in my journey to realise that changing the physical body alone was not enough.
Following my discovery I spent the next 10 years researching the mind, practicing the law of attraction, meditation, yoga...but there was still something missing.

Knowing from past experience that healing myself from the outside or inside alone - was not the answer, it was time for me to connect the two.

I applied years of knowledge and invested hours upon hours of new research to help myself discover my own mind-body connection.
I discovered the power of my feminine energy, how setting clear boundaries can give you back control, the physical and mental release that comes from healing past trauma, how to create a loving relationship with myself and others, and the power of aligning myself to my higher purpose.

Now I am pleased to say I’m now on a much happier and healthier path, and my purpose has become clear during the process too.
There are so many of us that become disconnected from our inner light, and that allow others to dim that light over time. My purpose is to help you rediscover yourself and your purpose, allowing you to shine at your very brightest from the inside-out!

We can work through career goals, lifestyle, decide...but ultimately it’s your time to start showing up for you!


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