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Why Vibe Croatia?

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Experience hassle-free travel
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bespoke itineraries.

Avoid the crowds and enjoy a more intimate travel experience with our private tours.

Unlock genuine culture through immersive tours led by our passionate local guides.

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Step into the world of Vibe Crotia

About Us

Vibe Croatia

"I’m Rebecca, founder of Vibe Croatia & passionate traveller from the UK.  I arrived here in 2020 originally on vacation but couldn't resist the charm of Dubrovnik so decided to make it my forever home.

I’ve spent my time discovering the best ways to explore the country & am eager to share my magical findings with you.


With 12 years experience as a flight attendant, complemented by a background in yachting & events, travel is not merely a service - it’s in my blood.


I've meticulously selected the Vibe Croatia team to mirror this passion, blending my global perspective together with our local knowledge, ensuring that your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.


We understand the uniqueness of each traveller & firmly believe that your journey should authentically reflect your individuality. With expertise in curating itineraries tailored to your personal preferences, we welcome you to break away from the crowds & embark on a journey that perfectly resonates with your unique travel style.


At Vibe Croatia, we don't just plan trips; we create incredible memories that last a lifetime."



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