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Dubrovniks rainy day magic

We've all been there....expecting the glorious sunshine (to escape the dreary grey skies of home) but... unfortunately you seem to have packed the rain clouds with you!

But don't worry, turn that frown upside down - there are no dreary days in Dubrovnik, i've got you!

Here's my top 10 cosy, warm, fun things to do even in the rain :)

Red History Museum in Gruž

  1. One of my favourite museums here...Uncover the intriguing tales of socialism and communism, offering a unique perspective on the city's recent history.

  2. Painting and Wine  For a unique blend of art and enjoyment, head to Popheart Factory. Unleash your creativity with a painting session while sipping on exquisite Croatian wines, it's somehow truly therapeutic!

  3. Dubrovnik Escape Room in Lapad Fun for all the family! Challenge your wits and teamwork skills in this immersive experience that promises adventure and excitement as you work together to solve puzzles and unlock the mysteries within.

4. Rakija Tasting

Personally, my favourite way to keep warm! ;) - Indulge in a tasting of five distinct Rakijas, each reflecting unique flavours and aging techniques. The lovely owner Mikki, will also provide locally crafted olive oil paired with a homemade herb dip and her delicious bread, offering a taste of regional cuisine. You'll even conclude the adventure with a delightful shot of homemade Limoncello!

5. War Museum on Mount Srđ 

Head to the top of Mount Srđ for a profound visit to the War Museum. Gain insights into Dubrovnik's wartime history and witness the city from a different perspective. The panoramic views from the fortress will leave you breathless, regardless of the weather.

6. Traditional Peka, Brandy, and Olive Oil Tasting

Escape the raindrops and venture to Čilipi for a taste of traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Experience a delicious Peka feast, complemented by brandy and olive oil tasting in a historical stone mill. Perfect for staying warm and toasty on a cold winter day!

7. The Oldest Pharmacy in the World and Dali Museum

Duck into the Franciscan Monastery to discover the world's oldest pharmacy. Then, step into the surreal with the Dali Museum, a showcase of Salvador Dali's masterpieces, adding a touch of eccentricity to your rainy day explorations.

8. War Photo Museum in the Old Town

Delve deeper into the city's past with a visit to the War Photo Museum. Nestled in the heart of the Old Town, this museum uses powerful visual storytelling to convey the impact of war on Dubrovnik and its people.

9. Rector's Palace and Cultural-Historical Museum

Step back in time with a visit to the Rector's Palace, an iconic symbol of Dubrovnik's historical grandeur. Adjacent to it, the Cultural-Historical Museum houses artifacts that unveil the city's rich cultural heritage.

10. Habitat Gin Making Class

Turn a rainy day into a crafty adventure with a gin-making class at Habitat. Learn the art of crafting your own unique blend of gin while savouring the aromas and flavours that make Dubrovnik's gin scene truly special. It's so much fun and you'll even get to take a bottle home with you!

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